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The Westwood Feed store has been an animal feed store for over 120 years. The original store was built in 1884 and it was located across the street, right next to the train tracks. Its close proximity to the trains from New York City made it an ideal location. Although today the Pascack Valley Line only runs commuter trains, in the early part of the 20th century supply trains would stop right across the road to unload grain, seed and other supplies for the nearby farms. The Westwood area was quite rural at the time, so there were many turkey farms in the area. The Westwood Feed store also supplied feed for horses, chickens, and other livestock.

In 1915, the store moved across the street to one of the nearby buildings. Around 1930, Mr. Mariner took over the feed business and moved into the building where the store is presently located. About twenty years later, Danny Schlosberg, who worked for Mr. Mariner, took over the business and ran the store from 1950 until 1976.

The third owner was Don's father, the senior Don DaCosta who bought the Westwood Feed store as a family business. Don began working with his father in the late 1970's while pursuing a career in music. Today he runs the business full-time in addition to running a recording studio.


When you come to visit the store, be sure to take a moment to view some of the interesting antique tools and other historical items that are hung along the wall above the products. The Westwood Feed store reminds us of a quieter, perhaps gentler time when farming and raising livestock was the main industry in the Pascack Valley area.